Little U’s The Outreach – classes for everyone!

What is Little U’s The Outreach?

The Outreach is Little U’s classes for the masses. This is the part where we share it all, homeschooling or main-schooling! The Outreach (2018-2019) will have 5 workshops centred about the theme : PARENTING. It’s up our alley and we would like YOU to have the best of it too.

The Outreach features home educators who are known or have influence in the local homeschooling community. We want to share our wisdom gleaned from our homeschooling journey with like-minded folks – people who ask, “Tell me how you do it? How do I get the stuff for my kids too?” The objective is to engage in overlapping points of interests between home educators and the public, especially on children’s rights, education and parenting. Continue reading “Little U’s The Outreach – classes for everyone!”