How to Research on Homeschooling?

Start from the beginning. Ask yourself, where does the idea of homeschooling come from?

One figure that often crops up is John Holt, the founder of modern homeschooling/unschooling in the USA. His books and philosophy have influenced generations of homeschoolers in the USA, and beyond.

A quick search will bring up this easy-to-read article online. It is an interview with Holt in 1980. Continue reading “How to Research on Homeschooling?”

Looking to Homeschool? Join a Community

We get requests all the time from people

– interested to homeschool

– starting on the journey but not sure what to do next

– who are expats looking to be part of a local homeschool community

Get to our Links page and contact a relevant online community that would be of help. You would have so many questions that one email cannot answer or unpack. A homeschool community – whether it is focused on a religion, demography or interest, would be the place.

If you cannot find one that suits you, START ONE. It’s easy. Create a Facebook Group and add one or two people know. Let us know. We’ll put it up on the Links page so that others can join in too.

All the best!