Apple Teoh

Apple Teoh is a homeschool mom to three youth, who are 21, 18 and 16 years old. She has 21 years of homeschooling experience. In her consulting work, she often partners with her husband or children so clients can hear different perspectives and help them make a more informed decision as a family.

Apple believes it is important to help her children become resilient dreamers – to dare to dream and will work towards realizing their dreams. Her son, who has completed NS, will be pursuing media communications in a university in the US this year.  He dreams of making media that will not only appeal to the public but will impact those who watch them. Her 18 year old daughter enjoys visual arts, music, dressmaking, cooking and baking. She dreams of owning her own cafe and making her own wedding gown. Apple’s youngest child has learning challenges. She loves painting and connecting with people, often blessing her friends with notes of encouragement and inspiring others with her art pieces.

Over the years, Apple would seek safe communities and spaces for the children’s learning and tailor the curriculum to fit the personality and gifts of each child so that learning is fun and meaningful. With her youngest who has learning challenges, she would interweave therapy into daily activities thereby empowering her to learn and enabling her to be independent. 

Apple is a public speaker who has spoken on her homeschooling journey, sexuality education and empowering families with neuro-typical children. She also enjoys cooking, baking, going for walks with friends and creating beautiful jewellery for sale.

Apple is also our designated Homeschool Consultant!

Areas of consultation: 

  • Parenting children with learning challenge
  • Institute for Cultural Communicators (ICC)
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Families exploring the Arts