Elaine Eo

Addicted to reading, Elaine decided that she should homeschool her children 10 years ago to introduce her children to the wonderful world of stories and imagination. She and her children enjoy learning about life and the world through the writings of good authors and believes that good books can bring about great ideas for her children to think about. 

When she started on the homeschooling journey in 2010, she had been using a mix of a literature based curriculum and Charlotte Mason’s methods. Along the way, she discovered her children’s innate inclination to learn, explore and discover. She observed that they were spurred by personal interests and eager to pick up the necessary skills like reading to enable them to further their interests.

Elaine has led many learning co-ops with and conducted lessons for her homeschooling community according to her family’s interests and her training in Engineering. She currently tutors Essentials in a Classical Conversations community.