Kalsum Harun

Kalsum went from drafting legislations and policies in her last job at a government Ministry, to reading extensively on education and pedagogies. She homeschools her three children wherever her husband’s work takes them. They spent most of the year 2018, worldschooling. Now, she traverses the world of homeschooling a new-minted teen at secondary level, a tween riding out local compulsory education age, and an increasingly assertive pre-schooler.

Kalsum is drawn towards the Classical Education approach but even as her ideals are constantly challenged by practical considerations like the PSLE, she relishes the flexibility that homeschooling brings. She is thankful to have the support of her husband, a full-time academic who moon-lights as the children’s language and writing instructor.

Kalsum has been an advocate for homeschooling, having helped several families along the way. She is one of the pioneer members of the Muslim Homeschoolers SG group. Given one of her children’s neurological development challenges, she is also passionate about learning and advocating for special education needs. She is an active member of the Society for the Promotion of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Research & Knowledge (SPARK) Singapore. At Homeschool Singapore, Kalsum serves as an editor of the opinions desk and member of the website team.