Vivian Kwek

Vivian is a mother of 3 and has been homeschooling her older two since 2009.  

Vivian is a mother of 3 and has been homeschooling her older two since 2009.  

She has been very passionate about finding the best parenting and homeschooling strategies to raise future-ready children and has been researching since 2001 about parenting as well as the physical, psychological and emotional development of children. 

With her knowledge, she helps her children discover their passion and helps educate them based on their interests. As a result, her oldest child was invited to attend NUS computer science courses when he was 13 and offered a full time job as a programmer when he was 17 while her second child became one of the best athletes in her sport. Her third child is in regular school due to family circumstances and Vivian is well aware of the challenges and stresses of having a school-going child. She has strived to reduce the stress of school for her youngest child and increase her passion for learning by making learning fun. 

In addition, Vivian advocates for parents to build strong connections with their children for the well-being and success of the children. She believes that when parents are able to DECODE their children, they will be better able to nurture and guide them. The ability to decode children becomes even more crucial as homeschooling parents because they are their children’s primary educators. She believes that when parents stay connected with their children, they can speak in their softest voice and their message will still be heard. 

Vivian has conducted seminars and workshops for parents to help them navigate the parenting journey from preschool years through to the teen years. She has also conducted workshops for families with teens to strengthen their connection and increase their understanding of one another as well as help the teens understand their strengths and how to harness those for their success.

She has also authored “Decoding Your Child”to help parents unlock the secrets to their child’s behaviour and provide strategies to strengthen and maintain their connection with their children. 

She reaches out to parents at and