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This section of our website houses the wide spectrum of voices in our community. We attempt to capture a diversity of perspectives to bring about awareness and understanding as we build a future together.

Read about the different considerations and issues we face in our homeschooling journeys, or write with us!

  • Opinion: WFH From A Homeschooling Perspective
    by Dawn Fung Background : I gave ST journalist Amelia Teng my opinion of WFH and juggling homeschooling, although my WFH is mainly caregiving and community building. (See The Social Factor and Preschool Market for homeschooling parents who run businesses.) My thoughts turned into an article. 23 April 2020.  It is week 3 of the
  • Opinion: Encouraging MOE during Covid-19
    11 April 2020. Members of the Homeschool Singapore community wrote in to appreciate the work of Education Minister Ong Ye Kung and the MOE team. We reprint the appreciation to invite more homeschoolers to join in.
  • Opinion: Homeschooling during Covid-19
    29 March 2020, The Straits Times published an article, “Family in isolation: Creating space and fun’ by Venessa Lee. The article included a mention by Homeschool Singapore founder Dawn Fung. Dawn says, “ST didn’t have space to fill in the details and it would be a shame not to share the full length.’ Here is the full transcript
  • Opinion : Advocating for Homeschooling
    21 October 2019, Metro.Style published an article, “Homeschooling Myths—Busted!” by Samantha Ramos-Zaragoza, a month after the Philippine Homeschool Convention 2019. The article included the viewpoint of Homeschool Singapore founder Dawn Fung.  Here is the full transcript between Samantha and Dawn, for our second OPINION piece at HomeschoolSingapore.sg. Some parts have been edited for clarity. 
  • Opinion : Not impressed by the local syllabus
    26 Sept 2018, BBC Brasil published an article on the Singapore education system by Claudia Jardim. The article included the viewpoint of homeschool mum, Dawn Fung. Here is the full transcript between Claudia and Dawn, for our first OPINION piece at HomeschoolSingapore.sg. Some parts have been edited for clarity.