A National Education for the Homeschooled Child

“Thank you so much for sharing with us. It was inspirational to know that NE isn’t just a burdensome chore to add to our homeschool schedule so that we meet MOE requirements. Instead NE could begin by meeting our deepest needs on knowing who we are, where we come from and end with sharpening our thinking on policies that have a societal impact on a governmental level.” Hilary, attendee

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National Education (NE) is the buzzword for anything to do with teaching our kids about Singapore. What does it mean to provide our homeschooled children with an understanding of the country that we live in? Surely NE means more than singing the National Anthem and reciting the pledge?

This talk will provide one perspective on how National Education can be taught to our children. Drawn from a curriculum that was based on the 6 NE messages as articulated by the Ministry of Education, the session will share various themes that can be explored during the child’s first six years of formal homeschooling education (the Primary School years). It will consider what resources to use and suggest possible learning journeys that the teacher-parent can embark upon.

For National Education is ultimately about teaching our children to understand and appreciate what makes our country Uniquely Singapore.

Speaker : Mark Lim

Mark Lim is a professional trainer with more than 20 years of experience in the education and youth sector. His background is in Political Science and History, and his academic interests are in International Relations and Singapore’s Foreign Policy, as well as the history of the United States, Japan and China. His Honours Year thesis was Singapore’s Defence Diplomacy.

As a lecturer in the local polytechnic and a teacher in a leading secondary school, Mark was involved in the development of curriculum and the teaching of life skills such as understanding relationships, applied social psychology and critical thinking. He was also National Education Coordinator and a para-counsellor in the polytechnic.

Mark’s roots are in journalism, when he first began writing for local broadcaster Mediacorp Radio Singapore. He was responsible for writing policy papers and government speeches while working in the youth sector.

Mark’s work in the youth sector include leading and mentoring young people in the community as well as organising numerous youth camps and other large-scale events. He is currently involved in family life work as a marriage mentor and counsellor, and he conducts parenting workshops for organisations across the country. Mark is also a special needs consultant with the Ministry of Education and children’s drama company I Theatre.


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