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Who am I?

I am the founder of Homeschool Singapore, a dynamic community of homeschoolers in Singapore, and of the website HomeschoolSingapore.sg.

As one of the leading community leaders in the Singapore homeschooling landscape, I organised the Homeschool Conventions from 2017-2019, and I head Little U with a group of amazing parent-educators.


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My Homeschool Approach

I am an unschooler. I first learnt about unschooling in 2014 from Sarah Lee-Wong who loaned me the Unschooling Handbook by Mary Griffith (see a thorough review by David Ferrer). Since then I have been inspired by the work of John Holt and Pat Farenga, the thought leader of unschooling and his associate/publisher. Unschooling is open and inclusive of all learners, free to pick up, and sometimes controversial in a world that is still fixated by school-dominated systems. Unschoolers, I have found, tend to be advocates for causes and leaders in homeschooling circles. So anything to do with children + families + grounds up, self-directed learning gets my attention.

Children are wired to learn. As I journey with my children to discover how they learn, I am rediscovering my childhood, left behind at the altar of a relentless, work-driven society.

My Areas of Interest 

  • community leadership and management
  • calling out bullshit in the education system
  • songwriting
  • history

What I teach at Little U

Year 2 (2019-2020)

FILM & STORYTELLING. English for tweens learnt around 6 short movies and some fun film making with fellow faculty members, Yael and Shalom.

BORED 2. The next round of BORED for Year 3 modules with fellow faculty members, Prince and Kyle.

Year 1 (2018-2019)

BORED. The “Board of Energetic Directors” is a tween module aimed at getting kids to create learning content for Little U. Kids have great ideas for kids. Teaching kids to teach kids is a no brainer for grounds up learning. In Year 1, the BORED team created 6 modules for Year 2 :

  • ENIMALS – an english & geography module for 5-8 years old
  • FILM & STORYTELLING – English for tweens learnt around 6 short movies and some fun film making
  • GIRLS PLAY, a 2-day mother-and-daughter craft camp
  • INTERVIEWED – kids interview some professionals at work
  • ALL ABOUT TWEENS – learning how tweens think, by tweens!
  • BORED 2 – the next round of BORED for Year 3 modules

Theatre for the Family. Having been a drama teacher and learnt mime in the past, and having observed my own children at home, I know kids need no introduction to stories and body movement work; they are naturals! In this module, I introduced families to Greek Theatre, Morality Plays, Physical Theatre and Devised Theatre.

You are welcome to review my teaching and opinions on this page.


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