Homeschool Curriculum Fair 2017

Date : 5 April 2017, Wed.
Time : 2pm-4pm
Tickets : $5 per family or per person. Pay at the door.
Venue : Le Danz, 222 Queen Street

The Homeschool Curriculum Fair is an annual event put up by the local homeschool community. This year, it is featured as the second part of the Homeschool Convention.

Visitors : pls join us at the FB event page as we update you on what will be featured at the fair.

Vendors & Booth Leaders: pls download the e-pack.


At the Fair, expect to :

Browse various curricula used by homeschoolers. Many curricula are “on view” only and not sold. This is really our stuff that we lugged out of the home to share with you!

Meet homeschoolers who use the curricula. Ask them questions or get information about how to buy them.

Connect with vendors that offer related products and services to homeschoolers. Who knows? You could start a new course or co-op!

There’s Mystery of History, Story of the World, A Child’s History of the World, Classical Conversations, Montessori, Ambleside Online (Charlotte Mason), K12, Math-U-See, Spelling-U-See, Chinese resources, Reading Made Easy, Life of Fred (Maths and Language Arts series), Apologia Science and more!


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