Not Back to School Picnic 2020

Say hello to fellow homeschoolers on the first day of public school in Sg! Bring food to share and enjoy unhurried time as a community.

Date : 2 Jan 2020, Thu
Time : 1030am – 2pm
Venue : Pasir Ris Park. Playground near Carpark E.

1. This event is for homeschoolers based in Singapore. You’re welcome to join us. Just ask questions in the event page if you are unsure. We will ignore rude posters. No selling/advertising allowed. You will be blacklisted by our community for future events should you try to come in as a vendor.

2. Food. There is a post on food. List what you’re bringing in that post. If you have allergies or are on a specific diet, byo food and some more to share. Bring enough for 3 pax. We always have so much food left over! Byo cutlery and plates. Let’s be eco-friendly.

3. Activities. There is a post on activities. You are welcome to plan activities for the kids. E.g. do a face painting station or a race. But pls pace yourself. The playground is full of things for kids to play cos we know you get tired.

4. Wet weather? We hope it’s sunny. In case of wet weather, meet at the pavilion near the toilets. It is big enough. Bring raincoats, sand play toys, and let the kids splash about.

P.S. This year’s Not Back To School Picnic is organised by Dawn Fung and Sylvia Huang of Homeschool Singapore for the whole homeschooling community. Pls let us know if you want to help organise 2021’s! We have many good years of meaningful community building ahead.

Read more on the FB event page.


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