Sandra Chan

I am a mother of two children – an 8 year old boy in the Autism Spectrum and a 3 year old girl. 

Having a child with Special Needs, homeschooling and caregiving have been part of the journey with my son. In my son’s early years, there were lots of challenging behaviours, sensory issues, countless battles to be worked. Homeschooling enabled me to take my time to discover, explore and join his world. It gives me countless opportunities to capture lots of his brilliant moments in my journey with him. 

Homeschooling enables us to implement child-led learning, allowing my son to truly learn at his own pace and build on his interest. I am amazed at how much he has progressed and I am happy to see him thrive. 

Today, most people who interacted with him told me that he is a gentle and loving boy, which is a total contrast from his early years. So I am thankful for this window of opportunity that has paved a way for me to be able to homeschool him. In this homeschool with a caregiving journey, I found myself in a new land with new people, new knowledge, new language, new dreams and new joy.

We are the 1st batch (CE for 2019) to be under CE exemption for Moderate/Severe SEN.

I am happy to share as a Homeschool Consultant!

Areas of consultation: 

  • How we homeschool our Special Need Child, 
  • Why we choose to homeschool, 
  • Advice on application for CE for moderate/severe SEN
  • Advice on IEP and home visits