To all the dads who have been working from home, thank you for trying your best to ensure things work out at home. While there are moments of frustrations, overwhelm, or even loss of personal space, we want to thank you for hanging in there with your family. 

As a wrap up to our DADs@HOME series, we will like to dedicate the following poem that’s written by our talented homeschool mum, Madeline @MadaboutGod to you:

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DADs@HOME: When WFH Becomes WATT

“..without quantity time, quality time is meaningless. The reverse is true as well..”

Time seems to have come to a standstill over the last two months. We are almost in the middle of the year, and yet it seems like the year has barely begun. Looking back to late January and early February, the coronavirus was already wreaking havoc in China; and for us in Singapore, we were preparing for a SARS-like virus. But never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined how life as we knew it could have come to an abrupt halt. 

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Fathers play such an important role. In this challenging season, daddies find themselves in the unconventional situation of having to juggle multiple roles of being a husband, father and employer or boss all in the same time and space. While this allows for more opportunities for family connectedness, it presents its share of frustration as well.

Now that you are home all the time, the boundaries of work, family and home get blurred. Your children want you to play with them. Your work demands your attention. Your spouse hopes you can help out with housework.

You are feeling stretched and wish that you have a man cave to retreat into for a while.

Dads at home, we hear you.

Starting tomorrow, three homeschool dads will share their stories with you. We hope that these will encourage and support you as you balance work and family at home.