Homeschool Prom 2020 in May!

The homeschool teen scene is a thriving, underground mix of expats and locals. American homeschool mum of 2, Shannon Palmer heads this project for the youngsters 12yo and above.

“Prom is a very special time in a teen’s life. It’s a coming-of-age ritual for every teen. From picking out her prom dress, to matching the tie and cummerbund to his date’s dress, picking out the boutonniere and corsage, meeting up with friends for dinner before the prom, and then walking into the prom and being dazzled by the ambiance. It is a magical moment.”

It is a proper American prom for homeschoolers and it will be run really well. There are activities for boys and girls. Think games room, dancing with live DJ, lots of time with friends, free flow beverages, snacks. Older kids are welcome to stay late until 12 midnight! It is a first in Singapore. Not the last.

In case you find her name familiar, Shannon was a convention speaker in 2017 .

More Info and tickets are available at