Curriculum Fair 2020

Curriculum Fair 2020 is back!

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This year’s Curriculum Fair focuses on a homeschooler’s journey from preschool to tertiary education. Instead of showcasing the curricula used by homeschooling families as in previous years, this year, we would like homeschool families to showcase their homeschool life. It’s sort of a showcase of their day in their life as a preschool homeschooler or a week in their life as a primary 6 homechooler preparing for PSLE. These family showcases will help other homeschool families because that is how we learn best – as a family.

You can showcase in whatever format you like, whatever way that describes your homeschool life most authentically. It can be in a schedule, a series of paintings, photographs, books that you use, work/ projects done by your children or a checklist/template/planner that has worked for you. It could also be your thoughts or coping mechanisms to work through certain life challenges, like PSLE or burn-out. You, as a homeschool mum or dad, can helm your booth, sharing your experience, or you can invite your children to speak from their own perspectives, especially those who are at high school or tertiary level. If you have old books or resources that you have outgrown, we also invite you to bring them to sell to others.

We would be segregating the family booths into 4 sections – preschool, primary, high school and tertiary. If your family has children going through any of these homeschool journeys, we invite you to participate in one of the showcases, preferably the one that speaks to you the most.

We have included a list of curriculum that is commonly used by homeschoolers. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you are using something that is not listed here and would like to introduce it to others, feel free!

Interested families who want to showcase their curriculum may sign up here. Email the team for more details.


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