Homeschool Convention 2017

Date : 5 April 2017, Wed
Time : 11am-1:30pm (Convention)  & 2pm-4pm (Curriculum Fair)
Venue : School of Thought Auditorium, 222 Queen St


  1. Speakers local and expat
  2. Presentations in short, accessible Ted Talk style segments
  3. A drop off space for 50 kids
  4. The Homeschool Curriculum Fair featuring different curricula and other vendors relevant to homeschoolers

Thank you for your support.

We have only Curriculum Fair tickets left. It is $5 per family or per person (if you come alone). Pay at the door. Venue : Le Danz @ 222 Queen Street.

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DAWN FUNG (How to Build a Homeschool Community and Run Co-ops)

Dawn is the founder of Homeschool Singapore, a dynamic community of homeschoolers in Singapore, and of the website She has always dreamt of homeschooling her kids. Now that her dream is realised, she wants to share the joy and potential of homeschool in mad-rat-race Singapore! Dawn will share about building a strong and healthy homeschool community as well as how to run successful co-ops.

TAN MEI LING (Helping Children Learn Mandarin)

Mei Ling is the co-founder of the Homeschool Mandarin Co-ops in Singapore, a network of Mandarin co-ops in Singapore. She is a mother of two preschool boys and a blessed wife of a supportive husband. Mei Ling will share strategies on how to learn Mandarin with preschoolers. Her tips and experience in running Mandarin co-ops will be useful for any homeschooler who wants to adapt them into their environment of any age.

SARAH LEE-WONG (The Importance of Play)

Sarah is an ex-MOE teacher, and founder of The Playful Parents, a site for parents to connect with their kids (and their inner child) through play. She has organised Singapore’s first cardboard festival for the family as well as Organic Play Parties. She homeschools her older boy (9) and her younger one (7) is in mainstream school. Sarah will share about how parents can use play in building resilience, creativity and compassion in children.

JOSHUA LIM (Challenges of a Full Time Homeschool Dad)

Joshua gave up his offline business 5 years ago to focus on homeschooling his daughter (now 10). In the process, he began to learn about online marketing and e-commerce. He is now dad to 2 beautiful girls and have enjoyed every single moment spent with them. Joshua will share on why he chose to homeschool his girls, the challenges he faces as a full time working homeschool dad, and the rewards of learning alongside them. This is a must hear for every homeschooler who wonders, what if the spouse took it on instead?


HOPE ELAINE KELLY (The Eclectic Approach)

Hope is an American who has lived in Singapore for 14 years. She is a former English teacher who is now the teacher of two, Elise (11) and Nadia (8). She will share her journey with an eclectic approach to homeschooling. Those who choose a mix of curricula, or are looking to combine ways of learning for homeschool, will find resonance in this talk.

CHERN CHIEH BAY (The Montessori Philosophy)

Chern fell in love with Montessori when her firstborn was 3 and spent years thereafter studying everything she could get her hands on involving Montessori. Realising that there were Montessori preschools but no Montessori primary schools in Singapore, she took the plunge, got some Montessori training and decided to homeschool her 4 children using the Montessori philosophy during their primary school years. Chern will share about some aspects of the Montessori philosophy and how it has supported her children’s learning needs over the past 8 or so years.

SHANNON PALMER (Maintaining an Evolving Homeschool)

Shannon Palmer is an American homeschool mom who founded her own private school in 2008, thus gaining jurisdiction over her two daughters’ education. She has homeschooled her girls since kindergarten, and plans to continue through high school. After nine years of homeschooling, Shannon has come to the realisation that homeschooling is a mindset and a lifestyle. These two components continuously evolve requiring annual maintenance and check-ups. Shannon will share the evolutionary cycles of her homeschool journey, and help you develop a maintenance checklist of your own.


MADELINE ANG (Reasons to Homeschool)

Madeline gave up her copywriting career 19 years ago and assumed the role of a (most reluctant) Stay-At-Home-Mom. But as she witnessed her instrumental and nurturing hands upon the lives of her 2 daughters, she grew to love and appreciate the privilege of being their educator, mentor, counsellor and friend. Madeline will share on her reasons for homeschooling her Lastborn 5 years ago and the fruits of this very unconventional but empowering decision.

APPLE WONG (Making It Together)

Apple Wong is married to a very supportive and involved husband, Chee Meng. Their three blessings are John (17yo), Rebecca (14yo) and Li-Ann (12yo) who has Down syndrome. Come and be encouraged by Apple who sees each child with his/ her unique set of gifts, challenges and immense potential to succeed in life. John and Rebecca will also be onstage, sharing their insights as siblings.



Through a series of interesting events, Audrey left her teaching career at MOE to homeschool her three children (then 9, 7 and 2). From a dual-income household with multiple help to a full-time stay-at-home mom, Audrey will share her thoughts and reflections gleaned from the past 4 years, with an emphasis on self-care. Homeschoolers who struggle with kids across preschool to teens will appreciate Audrey’s wisdom for the soul.

SERENE LIM (Raising Independent Learners)

Serene Lim, mother of 7 children, aged 8 to 19 years started homeschooling reluctantly back in 2004. She believes in raising independent learners – her children learn to take charge of their work from the day they could read and write on their own. Once the children are done with PSLE using the local MOE curriculum, they switch over to Abeka Academy’s Video Streaming Homeschool Course which ends with an American High School Diploma. With that high school diploma plus College Board’s SAT and SAT Subject Tests, her oldest son was offered his first choice of Mechanical Engineering at NUS and NTU. He will start after completing NS. She is currently homeschooling 3 teens using Abeka and 3 primary aged children using the MOE curriculum.

TAMMY HITCHENS (Parents as Primary Educators)

Tammy is an Australian mother of 12 living in Singapore since 2014. Tammy has 18 years of home educating experience across a variety of curricula and learning styles and has graduated four young adults who have done tertiary level education and work full time in Australia. Tammy has faced many challenges during her journey including special needs and many major moves with a large family. Tammy has a real interest in seeing parents enabled to understand their importance and capability as the primary educators of their children.

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