Homeschool Kidpreneur @ Maker Faire 2018

Homeschool Kidpreneur is a fun platform for children to do business for real! Be it at a flea market, retail store, online or off, the kids are dedicated to making their own works for sale.

This year, a group of 12 dedicated young crafters will be selling their works at Maker Faire Singapore. We invite you to visit their booth and support their lovely creations.

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Meet the 2018 Homeschool Kidpreneurs aged 6-13!

Colin and Serkarwaty are friends and new biz partners. One loves the money he can earn from his hardwork and the other loves the art of crafting. Both treasure the friendship between each other with imagination beyond words.

Deborah has been a kidpreneur since 5, when she lugged a wagon of self-taught rainbow looms to raise funds for charity. Now she continues to make craft for personal enjoyment. Expect rainbow loom bands, notebooks, clay crafts and a myriad of homemade slime.

Elizabeth loves to play the violin and perform for the elderly. She played the violin in a Mediacorp charity concert in 2017. She also enjoys doing different kinds of crafts.

Ezekiel and Elisha are brothers. Their product is a book. To be specific, the Brothers’ Book of Boredom Busters.

This book is magic for parents. It is planned carefully for kids to be entertained with cool DIY crafts. The book is 100% fun, 200% affordable, 300% understandable! Email

Hannah likes to bake and spend time with her friends.  She has recently started to learn Calligraphy and hopes you will like her art pieces.

Insyirah has challenges with her fine motor skills but finds confidence in sewing her own hair clips and ties. She also loves meeting people. ‘imade’ will continue to create more hair accessories using fabric scraps in its effort to support zero waste.

Janessa has a gift for sewing beautiful things. She will be selling handsewn bags at the Maker Faire. Custom-made orders can be discussed.

Joshua loves to read and play board games with his family. He is also very creative in building and fixing Lego. He prefers to build Lego out of his imagination than following manuals.

MaryJane is a budding entrepreneur and crafter. She finds treasures in the most ordinary things and invites you to share it with her.

Noelle loves to work with her hands. She enjoys tying knots and exploring with colours. With this exciting opportunity she has to make some money, she hopes to delight you with some of her colourful and knotty creations.


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